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Pangeism is a philosophical movement that was developed in the 21st century as a consequence of the global climate, ecological, sanitary, political, ethical, social and economic crisis. It aims for the «peaceful sustainability of humanity on Earth» based on certain values such as global fraternity and ecosystem health. Pangeism is not a religion; it refers to a manifestation of intent, a philosophy of life that shows a specific individual and collective search. That is why pangeists, followers of pangeism, tend to introduce themselves as such in order to show through the symbolism of the term «everything they would like to improve concerning their personal and shared present» and «the goal they are working towards».

Pangeism is based on three fundamental principles: «to take care of land, water, air and biodiversity that inhabits our planet», «to take care of people» and «to share on an equal basis». Also, it establishes some minimum common and individual goals, acting as guidelines for its followers.

This movement boosts a global declaration of unity inspired by the collective paradigm of sustainability: a new cosmopolitan, fair and ecosystem-based identity whose construction is plural and free of personalism and which is also based on common goals rather than differences.

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