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The term pangeist is often used to refer to «individuals who aim for a better world and work daily towards the common good». However, its original meaning refers to an individual who follows pangeism.

In broad terms, pangeists adhere to three fundamental principles: «to take care of land, water, air and biodiversity that inhabits our planet», «to take care of people» and «to share on an equal basis». They try to achieve some minimum common and individual goals acting as guidelines —and collective finishing line— in accordance with freedom of thought and diversity of shapes, beings and ideas (check goals 1 and 2).

That is why pangeists tend to introduce themselves as such in order to show through the symbolism of the term «everything they would like to improve concerning their personal and shared present» and «the goal they are working towards». First of all, they highlight their common ground and their collective and individual goals and then they talk about their differences.

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